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Learn to trade the markets from a professional trader

Learn market trading and spread betting with seasoned trader Ian Williams, who will teach you market trading and support you while you trade.

  • Learn Forex trading - trade the foreign exchange markets
  • Learn how to trade indices like the FTSE and Dow Jones
  • Learn how to trade the charts of individual companies
  • Learn how to trade commodities from gold and oil to cotton and cocoa
Learn to trade Forex, Commodities, Indices and individual shares Learn to trade Forex Learn to trade Commodities Learn to trade Shares and Indices

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Ian Williams' Trading the Ian Williams Way community

Ian Williams is a successful financial trader with over 35 years' experience of trading in the stock markets of the world, as well as commodities trading and Forex trading (Foreign Exchange) markets, using CFD trading, spread betting, and spread trades.

This website is an online hub containing updates, free educational resources and unique insight into the world of stock market, Forex and commodity trading.

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Learn to trade stocks and indices free analysis videos

Example Stocks & Shares analysis video

This is an example of a recent analysis video produced for Ian Williams' stocks and indices trading course, sharing his trading secrets to help people trade on the stock market. Chart analysis includes discussing indicators such as moving averages, volume, triangles and pennants.
Ian Williams publishes videos analysing up-to-date stocks and shares to help you with your trading.

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Learn to trade Forex - free video analysis

Example Forex analysis video

A recent analysis video here from Ian Williams' Forex trading course. You will see many popular Forex pairs discussed here. His trading methodology is examined and likely chart movements are discussed.
Your trading will benefit from watching Ian discuss various Forex pairings.

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Learn to trade commodities - free chart analysis videos

Example Commodities analysis video

Lastly an example from Ian Williams' Commodities trading course, from oil, gold and silver to cotton, corn and cocoa. Commodities trading is explained in his course and several charts are discussed in these videos every week.

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